©Brad Walker, December 23, 2013
Plants in the show
2013 Tennessee Gesneriad Society
Plant Show
Cheekwood , Nashville, TN
September 20 - 22
Best in Artistic - Natural Garden
Grown by Carol Ann Bonner
Best in the Arts - Educational Display - The Genus Gesneria
by Carol Ann Bonner
Best in Show - Streptocarpus subgenus Steptocarpella
Grown by Brad Walker
Photo by Ella Melnychenko
Class 1 - Sinningia 'Prudence Risley'
1st place - score 95
Grown by Lacera Dewilde
This is the plant sales table on the morning of the last day, we had sold about half of the plants by this time.  
There was a nice selection including kohlerias, pearceas, sinningia, saintpaulias (Peggy brought beautiful
plants for the sale), columneas, nematanthus, primulina, petrocosmeas and more, I bought more than I should
have, but that's what we do.  Thanks to everyone for the sales plants, Lacey, Carol Ann, Julie, Peggy, Ella,
Diane, Brad, Jonathan (special thanks for the cuttings), Pam & Molly.
Hi everyone, I enjoyed the plant show very much this year.  I took pictures of all of the winners and have posted them
below, it is 10 pages long but worth the effort.  Hope you enjoy!!