Sinningia eumorpha #1 x leucotricha (400 series)
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@copyright Brad Walker, May 23,2010
I made this cross July 10, 2006, it took two years to have the first bloom.  It is a large plant,
easily 20 inches across when in full growth. The plant below is #400 and the first of the lot to
bloom, I had two more this year (2009) but they don't impress like this one does.  It is fairly
hardy, I put it outside in 40 degree weather in 2009 and it started growing just like my
leucotricha's without any burning or rotting from the cold and damp.  The holes in the leaves
on the picture on the right is from hail in July.  Just planted the only cross I managed to make
to #607, hoping to increase the bloom size and bring the deeper pink into the bloom.

June 2010 - I have about 8 of this cross coming into bloom, will post pictures as soon as they
bloom.  Nice light pink one blooming now.
Above - I really like the deep pink on the outside of the bloom, is stark white inside with dark pink
spotting. #403 above is now named
S. 'Booges' Pink Surprise' IR101135.
Above - #400
Above - #401