4600 series Sinningia (richii 'Robson Lopes' x eumorpha)
©Brad Walker, March 25, 2012
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 I made this cross on July 1, 2010, harvested on Aug 28, 2010 and planted on Aug. 30th, 2010.  I crossed the
pollen from
S. richii 'RL' onto about 8 different plants and backcrossed the S. eumorpha to the only bloom on the
richii 'RL'.  All of the other seed blasted after about a week, I wasn't paying attention to the richii 'RL' as the
others had blasted.  I was pleasantly surprised when it actually set seed and even more so when they sprouted.
  When they started blooming in the spring of 2011, the purple bloom was a complete surprise (thinking maybe
large yellow bloom?), the second one to bloom is the lavender with dark throat.  I had one other to bloom that
was a very pale lavender, but the all had the very distinct pouch shape.  The bloom is smaller than
S. eumorpha,
but much larger than
richii 'RL',  the plants look very much like S. eumorpha only hairer.
  I replanted the leftover seed in August 2011 and have about 25 more plants coming on to bloom later this year,
hoping for that elusive yellow eumorpha bloom.  Going to try backbreeding them against each other to bring out
recessive genes, we'll see how it goes.
Below is 4607, it was the first to bloom, a really nice lavender/pink with striped
and dots in the throat.  It is more compact than
S. eumorpha, but this is a
yearling, it will be interesting to see how large they will get.  
Above and below - This is the second to bloom, it is actually quite
different.  The plant itself looks like a compact S. eumorpha with
hairier leaves, but the bloom is lavender with a deep purple interior
throat that forms a complete circle at the entrance.  It only had a
couple of blooms and I was busy during that time at work and didn't
get it crossed to anything, so will have to try this year.