Sinningia 5400 ('Iris Walker' x 2727)
©Brad Walker, February 26, 2012
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      5400 is the only plant from this cross to survive to bloom.  It is a cross between a compact miniature and a full
size species plant.  The seed parent is the compact miniature Sinningia 'Iris Walker', the pollen parent is another of
my hybrids 2727 ({eumorpha x iarae} x
'Booges Spotty One'), 2727 didn't make it through last winter, so I can't
reproduce the cross.  It has the pink outer color of the
iarae hybrid, but the lips are from 'Booges Spotty One'
douglasii parent.  It is a large plant about 1.5 to 2 feet tall.
     Below - you can see the bloom is 2.25 inches long by 1.25 inches wide.  It had about 20 blooms
over several months.  I did cross it to several things and a couple went to seed, including two sets
that I back pollinated myself to see if it was fertile to itself.  Several of the seed sets have produced
viable seedlings that are growing rapidly now.