Achimenes are a group of rhizomatous plants, mainly from Mexico and Central America.  They are
easy plants to grow, pot them up let them bloom and when they start to die down in the fall, let them dry
out and shake the dirt off and store them for the winter.  I start mine a little early and by mid-summer
have blooms until frost.  
Achimenes comes in a wide rage of colors, red, purple, orange, pinks, whites
and almost every color between.
  They have a multitude of common names such as Magic Flowers, Widow's Tears, Cupid's Bower, or
Hot Water Plant.
  I grow all of my plants except the orchids in Miracle-Gro outside during the summer.  The main thing
with these plants is to not let them dry out during the hot part of summer, as they will wilt and stop
blooming.  Below are some of my
   Achimenes 'Ambroise Verschaffelt' - this plant is probably one
of my top three picks for these plants.  It grows with a cascading
habit, making it great for hanging baskets, has large
lavender/blue flowers with incredible purple netting and a little
yellow in the center.  The color seems to vary according to how
much light it gets, more light and it fades to a pale white and the
netting isn't as spectacular.
  Achimenes 'Peach Glow'  - a nice upright plant with
peach/pink flowers with a clear yellow throat.  I have grown
this one for several years, it does better some than
others.  When it blooms it is amazing, covering itself in lots
of bright peach blooms, it seems to glow.
   Achimenes 'Tracey Thornley' - this one is a problem for
me, I love the huge pink bloom with the deep burgundy
throat markand it is an upright.  The problem is that it
doesn't bloom well for me, 3 to 5 bloom a year.  I have
had it for several years always had the same problem,
that being said I do keep it, because of the beautiful
blooms.  I crossed it to
A. 'India' it to create a couple of
hybrids, one has the same large blooms and willingness
to set seeds.
  Achimenes 'Purple Prince' - I bought this several years
ago at Wal-Mart in a little container that said add hot water
and you will have blooms in a month, it took a little longer
but it is definitely worth the wait.  Upright plant with large
purple blooms with a pale throat.
   Achimenes 'Yellow Beauty'   I bought this one in March
2009, it started blooming the first week of June and
bloomed through the second week of September.  
Cascading foliage for hanging basket and a heavy
bloomer, with bright butter yellow flowers and orange/red
spotting in the throat. Highly recommend!
  Achimnes 'Vivid' - I bought this at the same time I bought
'Purple Prince' at Wal-Mart.  It has a nice upright habit
with bright bubble-gum pink flowers.  It will literally smother
itself in blooms, one of the reasons it is one of my top
three.  It has either sported or crossed to 'Purple Prince'
at some point as now I have some in the same pot that
are a soft lavender.
Above - Achimenes ('Tracey Thornley' x 'India') I made this cross a couple of years ago and they just
bloomed in 2011.  The seedling have lot of variation from being purple to bright pink and that was only from
the 3 plants that bloomed!  I have about 25 of these different seedlings, should be impressive this year.  I
crossed the largest one (left photo) to
Achimenes 'Cattleya' and have a bunch of seedlings popping up now
under lights.
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©Brad Walker, March 19, 2014
    Achimenes 'India' - Large blue/violet flowers, the pollen parent of the
above hybrids.  Easy to grow, upright plant with lots of blooms.
    Achimenes 'Red Elfe' - I love this little plant, small plant with lots
of small bright pink flowers.  I have had this one for at least 4 years
and it always has lots of blooms.
      Achimenes unknown -  I bought this a couple of years ago at the
Tennessee Gesneriad Society show and sale, they weren't sure of
the name.  It has large medium purple flowers with white throat
markings, fairly tall upright plant, reproduces rapidly by crawling and
producing rhizomes.  Possibly grandiflora??  
    Achimenes dulcis - A beautiful little plant with soft, furry leaves
and an incredible white bloom.  I will keep growing this just
because I hope to use it in a breeding program.
     Achimenes 'Sunburst' - A small yellow bloom on a trailing plant, I
like 'Yellow Beauty' much better.  
  Achimines 'Harry Williams'  - I bought this a couple of years ago, it is
a very tall, upright that I stake to keep from falling.  It blooms well and
has pinkish/red bloom with a yellow throat.  It is as tall as my
  Achimines pedunculata  - I bought this several years at the Nashville
Lawn & Garden show at our booth.  Some years it grows and blooms
well (2013) and other years it won't bloom and goes to propagules.  If
you ever see it in bloom, you will want it!

A tall plant with the blooms held a good 15 to 18 inches above the
pot.  The flower color is bright orange with a yellow throat and almost
red spotting inside.
 Achimines glabrata - Honestly don't know where I got this, 2013 was
the first time it bloomed, but I have had the pot for a couple of years.  
Maybe I grew it from seed and forgot about it.  If you ever see it in
bloom, you will want it!

A trailing plant with the smooth, slick foliage. The flower is very large,
almost double the size of most of my achimenes, white with a bright
yellow throat and purple speckling in the throat.  It does not reproduce
rhizomes easily but I did manage to get seed and am hopeful  to get
more plants for breeding.
Achimines mexicana - I have bought several different plants that were
supposedly this plant and they never were. In 2013 I bought these and
was pleasantly surprised that it actually is the species.

An upright plant with soft, fuzzy foliage. The flower is very large,
lavender with a white throat.  This year  I will have several pots and am
planning on crossing to several of my other achimenes.