Impatiens namchabarwensis - The blue Impatien
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Impatiens namchabarwensis - the Blue Impatien - it really is a faded demim blue, not lavender or wine-red at all.  I we
had 100 degree weather and incredibly hot, humid days.  Other than not flowering for about a month during the we
had 100 hot weather, it has been in flower since March when I bought it.  It roots easily and sets viable seed.
It is one of the Himalayan species that grows near Mt. Namcha Barwa.  My plant survived down to 32 degrees so far
without burning, it is protected from direct frost by evergreen cedars.  I am taking to work with me for the winter, it will
provide a nice color for my window at work.  I have to rooted cuttings (only took two weeks to develop roots), rooted
them in a humidity dome, putting them in the greenhouse today.
As an update (March 2012) it has succumb to ???, it just suddenly stopped growing, dropped it leaves and died in
about a week, as did all the cuttings and two seedlings (one inside and one in the greenhouse).  I still have some
Above - a good shot of the flower, the color is very different from
any impatien I've ever grown, including the 'Fusion' series.
pot is a 8" bulb pot.  I was putting it in the greenhouse that day.