©Brad Walker, May 31, 2013
Most of my orchids belong to the Oncidium group, most are hybrids.  I grow them in my greenhouse or at
Phal. 'Long Pride Green Pixie' - a beautiful little miniature.
Phal. - a cute miniature with nice dark pink blooms.
Beallara Marfitch 'Howard's Dream' - an incredibly beautiful orchid in bloom
right now in the greenhouse.  I just saw this for $12.99 at Cookeville in  
Oncidium Sharry Baby 'misako' -  the Chocolate scented orchid, really does smell like milk chocolate
mixed with vanilla.  Easy to grow and blooms twice a year, blooms tend to last about a month.  It is a
good sized plant about 2.5 to  3 feet tall .    Splits easily and start regrowth almost immediately.
Above - two oncidium alliance orchids that I have had for several years, one is a wilsonara, but I lost there
tags and don't remember anymore.  The one on the left has nice flowers and all three of my plants just
finished blooming.  The one on the right just finished blooming bloom too, medium sized plants.