Spigelia marilandica, Indian Pink
or Pinkroot
This beautiful plant is not well known in the garden trade now, even though it is perrenial and makes a
nice clump after a few years.  In the woods it grows either as a solitary stem or two to three stems
and is about a 1-2 foot tall with opposite leaves.  The blooms are what really make this plant
spectacular, for about three weeks to a month it is covered with blood red blooms that open into a five
point star that is bright yellow-green.  Some of the books I have read say this plant grows in moist
woodland soil, but most that I have found are growing on the dry slopes above creeks.  This plant
was actually growing beside the cabin I live in and it is very dry where it is growing.
This plant is about 3 foot across now, the only special treatment I give it is a mulching once a
year.  It makes a nice medium green shrubby plant.
@ copyright May 25, 2006 Brad Walker
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