©Brad Walker, May 31, 2013
I only grow one of these beautiful plants, Alsobia 'Cygnet', which is a hybrid of A. dianthiflora to punctata.  It
is stoloniferous (think strawberry plant), it will produce plantlets along the stems.  I use this to my advantage
and plant them in baskets, they will trail down and bloom all the way to the ground.  the blooms are different,
snow white with purple spots in the throat, the edge of the blooms are frilled.  

I grow mine outside during the summer in a hanging basket, with a red oxalis and a streptocarpella, really
pretty combination, the alsobia trails to the ground, the red oxalis fills the basket and spills over the edge
and the streptocarpella is tall with bright blue blooms.  During the winter it goes into the greenhouse in its
basket, it will grow well under lights if you cut the stolons off.
In this photo, you can see the spots and frills on the blooms,
usually blooming mid-summer through fall.
Above and below - here you can see the blooms and the way the
plant grows plantlets along the stems.  Picture below has cat hair
on the leaves, it was one of the lower pieces before the kittens
found them.