Sinningia beauty (leucotricha x reitzii)
not a named or registered hybrid, just a distinction.
I ordered the seed from Mauro Peixoto in Brazil for
Sinningia leucotricha and planted them on Jan. 30,
2005. I had two different types of plants come up, one
flat with dense white hair and one with large dark
reddish leaves.When the large one started blooming
July 1, 2005, it has beautiful melon colored flowers with
light purple spots in the throat. I am calling it
simply because I need a way to distinguish it from other
plants in my crosses and of course because it is a
beautiful plant.
I suspected it was either a mutant or hybrid of
leucotricha, but it took me a while to get back in
touch with Mauro Peixoto (Oct. 22,2005). He
confirmed my suspicions and told me it was an
accidental cross of
Sinningia leucotricha to S.reitzii.
Hummingbirds sometimes visit his greenhouse
and create these wonderful accidents.  The hybrid
plant here is almost identical to the
hybrid on
MauroPeixoto's page except his is cherry red and
mine is a soft pinkish orange.
After learning the parentage of this hybrid, I went to Mauro Peixoto's website (see links page) to see
inningia reitzii.  Beauty has the soft furry leaves of leucotricha with the upright growth of reitzii, the leaf
definitely has the shape of
reitzii, the flowers look to be a little longer and pinker.
Beauty has been in full bloom starting July 1, 2005 thru Oct. 25, 2005, it has started looking a little
ragged and I am thinking about cutting it back. It is a large plant about 10 inches high and 12
inches wide (it is almost as large as my eumorphas). It has four flowers to a stem from each leaf
@ Copyright Brad Walker Oct. 25, 2005
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Update as of Dec. 26, 2007!!
After blooming the first year, it went dormant and when growth restarted
it was sporadic.  It went dormant for most of 2006 and even died back a
little.  I took a cutting in late 2006, it was slow starting, but eventually
had a few roots.  In the spring of 2007 I moved it outside and it started
growing slowly, but never bloomed. I took several basal cuttings from
the base of the original plant in the spring of 2007 and they rooted in a
couple of weeks and had good growth all summer, two had bud
formations, but during the 100 degree weather the tops wilted badly and
ruined the blooms.
Now that I have several clones a year old, I'm hoping to get some
blooms in 2008.