©Brad Walker, May 18, 2014
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   I grow two species of chrysothemis, pulchella 'Bronze Leaf' and friedrichsthaliana.  Chrysothemis is tuberous with very
fleshy, succulent stems that root easily if snapped off.  Easy to grow with little to no pest problems, medium light
requirements and beautiful foliage and blooms, I highly recommend these.   

   Below - I grew
chrysothemis pulchella 'Bronze Leaf'  from seed obtained from the 'TGS' seed fund, 4 seedlings
sprouted and 2 survived, it took 3 years for them to reach blooming size.  They have medium green leaves with a light
grey overlay and bright burgundy on the back of the leaves which give the bronze effect.  Bright orange-red  bracts
produce golden yellow blooms with red radiating out from the throat, striking and nice.
  In 2011, Johnathan brought his large chrysothemis friedrichsthaliana (1st picture below) to the Tennessee Gesneriad
Society show, for exhibition puroses.  You can't tell from the picture, but this plant is huge, probably 2 feet or more
across, it had been outside and got a little burnt on the leaves, but a beautiful plant.  Johnathan gave me a small tuber
and I have a good sized plant now.  It has bright green leaves that produce clusters of light green calyxes and them
bright yellow blooms with red markings in the throat.  Not as showy as pulchella 'Bronze Leaf', but the display of blooms
is outstanding.  The bottom pictures are from last year.