Columnea 'Aladinn's Flame'
©Brad Walker, May 13, 2012
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 Above - the seedpod forming and ripening ('Aladinn's Flame' x 'Sunfire').  It takes a long time to
ripen about 4 months.
  Columnea 'Aladinn's Flame' - as you can see it has dark green leaves with a
burgundy reverse, then the dramatic bright red/orange flowers.  The flower bracts
are a deep burgundy and when the berries start forming close around the
seedpod, they open again as the pod turns into a white china berry with a little
burgundy on it.
  Easy to grow and bloom, it hasn't stopped blooming completely since November
of 2010, sometimes only one flower at a time or like now with about 35.  It roots
easily (I dropped it after a flower show and broke it badly, still kept blooming
though) and has large flowers almost 3 inches long, what more could you want?
   Molly gave me the piece this plant came from, she had used it in a floral
arrangement in 2009.