Columnea 'Sunfire'
©Brad Walker, February 5, 2012
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 Columnea 'Sunfire' - I bought this one at the Tennessee Gesneriad Society show September 2011.  It
started blooming and hasn't stopped.  It has fuzzy leaves and grows semi-hanging, it has bright yellow and
orange flowers with an orange bract.  I have really enjoyed this plant for the last few months, it has bloomed
non-stop.  I have crossed this to 'Aladinn's Lamp',
schediana and 'Light Prince', berries are forming, so
hopefully at least a couple took.
    Left and Right -
  Seedpod of cross
('Sunfire' x 'Aladinn's
Flame') and seedlings,
have three sets, this one
and a backcross and now
one to 'Light Prince'.