I ordered my Sinningia guttata at the same time as my conspicua from
Mauro Peixoto and planted on January 20, 2007.  Only two plants
survived, I put all of my larger plants outside at the end of April and my
S. guttata's went wild, they are large plants with leathery leaves and a
spike of blooms.  The blooms are amazing, blooming in clusters with
medium sized flowers of heavy substance.  White with a yellow throat, it
is the spots that make this plant, you can't help but look as you walk by.

I have crossed them to many other of my plants and just put seed down
from some of the crosses.  Hope something grow!
I purchased the seed for Sinningia conspicua from Mauro Peixoto in December 2006, planted on
January 20, 2007.  The plants above are the only two that survived the first batch of seedlings (eight
from the second batch, not yet flowering).  It has large soft green leaves that are hairy,  the bloom is a
soft butter yellow with maroonish stripes in the throat.  I didn't realize it was blooming until I smelled
lemons as I walked by, it has a very distinct lemon smell, it bloomed the second week of June 2007.

I have crossed it to several different plants to see if I can get the color and scent to come through.
Sinningia conspicua & guttata
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