S. conspicua x pusilla
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@copyright Brad Walker, July 11, 2010
I made this cross on July 20, 2007 and harvested August 20, 2007, planted Aug. 28.  I used
my seed raised
S. conspicua as the pollen parent.  I had about 10 seedlings germinate, I
moved all but two into a larger seed tray.  Ironically, the two I left in the seed pot were the first
to bloom on December 16.  The plants are fairly uniform in size about 2 inches tall and 4 inches
The bloom is about 1 1/4 inch long and is little over 3/4 of an inch long.  It is a
nice medium lavender with white in the throat and down the middle lower
petal.  It has carried the burgundy speckling and lines in the throat of the
parent, the flower shape is also very much S. conspicua.
Below, this is my two plants in their seed pot. The first two blooms had come
off, so I crossed the first one on December 20 to a (
eumorpha x iarae)
hybrid, I raised from seed, the second blossom I am going to self.  I put
pollen from the blooms on
S. pusilla, p. 'White Sprite' and 'Rio das Pedras',
I won't know if the cross is fertile until I get seed.
Both plants are identical.  I will put more pictures on as I take them.
  These two pictures were taken in 2009, the plant had been growing outside all