Snow Crocus - Crocus sp.
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copyright Brad Walker March 28, 2010
 Snow crocus are incredibly beautiful little plants as
you can see from the picture at left.  Like
snowdrops, they bloom very early here in
Tennessee, these pictures were taken in late
February.  We had  temperatures in the teens and
snow while these were blooming, they just kept on
blooming. They come in lavender, purple, yellow,
white, blue and bi-colors.
I have grown these plants for at least 16 years and
some (like this one) are the original clumps from
years ago.  They do spread a little, but mostly the
clumps just get a little bigger.  I do plant these on
slopes or hills for drainage, other than that, they are
on their own.   After they bloom they look like grass
and blend in well with my wildflowers. The large
hybrid crocus don't have the same effect, they are
almost garish by comparison.
I buy a package every few years to replace ones
that have died out, you can buy a package of 25 or
50 in the fall for about $5.00.