Daffodil page
tete-a-tete - miniature
old fashion jonquil
Mount Hood - above and right same flower 3 days apart- another one that fades as it ages, one of the most famous whites.
Pistachio - above and right
Old variety - at least 65 years old, great bloomer though
Minnow - miniature
This one and the other old-fashioned one below are both about 65 years old.  Both are great bloomers.
Ice Follies - above and right - it blooms every year, but the frost usually kills the bloom.  This year it was perfect, the
bloom fades from butter yellow to soft cream as it ages.
Delibes - great bloomer with really large flowers
Cassata - one of the first split cups, the center fades to cream as it ages.
above and right - Geranium - multi-floral
An old double that is at least 75 years old.
above -Cheerfulness - another great multi-floral.
Left - Thalia - I planted these 17 years ago beside my pet
(Sweetie)  and they have bloomed every year.  They grow in
semi-shade and are fairly large, pristine white blooms usually
2 per stem.  They also have a very strong fragrance.
Not much to say about these beauties except, if you live where you can grow them, grow as
many as possible.  I have always loved daffodils or buttercups as we call them in the South.  I
have had as many as 50 different types, but only have about 30 now.  They are dependable,
bloom early and put on a great show, what more needs to be said.  Remember to look for the
Split cups and miniatures they add a great deal of interest to a collection.