Sinningia eumorpha
Above - This is Sinningia eumorpha seedling #2, creamy white with puple and yellow
in throat.  Flower has a heavy substance.  I lost this one in the winter of 2006/7.
I bought the seed for these beauties from Mauro Peixoto in Brazil,
planted them on Jan. 30, 2005 and had great germination.  I kept two
inside on my plant bench and one inside at work, I put 20 outside for
the summer.  The two on my plant bench started blooming in mid July
2005, the lavender #1 then the white #2 about a week later.
 I crossed
S. eumorpha #1 & 2 both to (S. leucotricha x reitzii) and
had great seed count, over a hundred per pod.  The
S. eumorphas
were the seed parents.  Look on
crosses #3 & 4 page to see the
results.  I have one plant named from this cross
S. 'Herbert Walker'.
I planted another batch of seeds I had kept from these crosses and
have 72 plants from each cross growing now.
S. eumorpha #1 is on the left, it is mostly lavender with white on the
open petals, it has purple in throat with a yellow streak down the
S. eumorpha #2 was stark white with purple and yellow in the
throat.  I lost
S. eumorpha #2 in the winter of 2006/7, so I was glad
when some of the other
eumorpha's started blooming in 2007 and I
had another white,
S. eumorpha #5 is at the bottom of the page, it is
white with just a touch of lavender stripes down the throat with yellow
in the center.
 If you are wondering why I have several
S. eumorpha's growing and
using in my crosses, it is because I want to see what difference will
show in the seedlings and also to continue genetic diversity within my
crosses.  I try to always make a cross twice once to a light color (#2 &
5) and one to the lavender (#1).
Left & right - S. eumoprha #5 is a large white with just a
little lavender in the throat.  It is also a heavy bloomer, it
had more than 35 blooms on a single stem during the
summer.  It is dormant under my house right now.
 I also have a
S. eumorpha that is about 1/2 the size of a
regular plant, it has white blooms, too.  I will try to get a
picture of it this summer, it is dormant now.
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updated Jan. 3, 2008
Above & below - S. eumorpha
Some of the other pages with eumorpha crosses, my new one, left (douglassi x
eumorpha), one I bought, middle (piresiana x eumorpha), one raised from seed,
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