(Sinningia eumorpha x iarae)
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@copyright Brad Walker Dec. 9,
I ordered the seed for this beauty from GHS
by Ruth Zavitz of Canada) and planted on
June 18, 2007.  Of the 5 seeds, 4 germinated and
grew into fairly large plants.  When cool weather
came I moved them indoors and took this one to
A mouse ate one of the plants at my house, the rest lost
their foliage and are just now resprouting with mutiple
 I have steam radiators at work and my plants really
love the one I have them over.
My plant at work bloomed for the first time on
December 6, 2007 and I took these pictures on
the 7th.
 It is a large plant already over a foot wide, the
bloom above and to the right is a really good
representation of the bloom color.  It is almost 2
inches long and 3/4 of an inch wide, the lobes form
an almost perfect circle of a soft pink.  It has very
faint lines deep in the throat.
I am curious to see what the other two
plants are going to look like.
 It passes the wonderful pink and eumorpha
ease of growing on to its progeny.  I have
been making several crosses using this plant
and have been amazed at how fast the
seedling develop and bloom.