(Sinningia eumorpha x maurona) x self
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I received the seed for these plants from Mauro Peixoto in November 2006.  The
seed t germinated and was up in 8 days.  I only kept three plants #1, 2, 3.   The plants
all exhibit the shape and look of
Sinningia eumorpha, but the blooms are all three
different.  The plants are large, 1 1/2 to 2 feet tall and 1 1/2 wide.
Above is (S. eumorpha x maurona #1), it bloomed first in late June and has flowers
that bend and face downward.  The plant above was attacked by a squirrel and taken
off at the base.  It only had two blooms this year.  It resprouted but didn't get big
enough to bloom before cool weather.  The color of the bloom is deep and solid pink,
the texture of the bloom is thick and kind of waxy feeling.
Above is #3, it started blooming in October and didn't stop until mid November and
only then because it was brought inside and doesn't get enough light.  It has lavender
blooms with stripes in the throat.
 All three were left outside until the temperatures dropped into the 30's at night.  
They actually like the cool night temperatures better than the heat.
Above is #2, it has a really nice shape and the blooms have a nice shape, slightly
pouched with good circular shape facing outward. It is a totally different color from
#1, white throat and body with lavender flares on the petals.
 I took this plant to the Tennessee Gesneriad Society 2007 show and won third
place in the new hybrids section.
©copyright Brad Walker, May 20, 2012