Sinningia sp. 'Gertiana'
I bought this plant in 2005 as a cutting from Belisle's Violet House.  It made a good size plant the
first year I had it, but didn't bloom.  During the winter of 2005/2006 it rotted  at the base and I
barely managed a tip cutting to keep it alive.  In 2006 it made a plant almost as large as the one
below, again during the winter it rotted and had to be rerooted. In 2007 it didn't grow to any size.  I
did manage to keep it from rotting during the winter in 2007, barely.  The trick, almost no water
during the winter.
In 2008 it made a plant about half the
size of the one at right and I took
another cutting, just in case it thought
about rotting again, still no blooms. In
the winter of2008/2009 I took it the
plant at right to work with me, I have a
bright window all winter behind my
desk.  It just kind of sit  there, no
growth or anything.  In April of 2009 I
brought it home and put it back outside
for the summer.  I ignored it for several
months, except to see that it had
sprang into growth and doubled in size
in the 95 degree weather.  Then one
day I was looking at a pot of
Seemania growing next to it and
realized it was about to open one
bloom.  It had only one bloom on the
entire plant and it was hidden in the
The bloom opened on August 2, 2009 and it was still worth all the trouble just to see a blooming
specimen of this plant.  The bloom is about 1.5 inches long and .75 inch wide, white with incredible
veining in the interior of the bloom.  It had pollen and I crossed it to 10 different plants, just to see
what would take. The only ones that seems to have taken on was two of my
S. eumorpha and one of
my white hybrids
607 (eumorpha x {eumorpha x iarae}).  All the other crosses died within a week (3
conspicua crosses I was hoping for). If the netting pattern carries over into the crosses they should be
really beautiful.
@ copyright Brad Walker Sept. 10,2009