Gloxinella lindeniana
©Brad Walker, May 31, 2013
Gloxinella lindeniana grows from a rhizome and has a little white and lavender bloom , but the foliage is were
the attraction is for this little beauty.  It has brownish leaves with brilliant green stripes were the veins run
through the leaf.  It is a medium sized plant ( 2 1/2" pot), I grow it in a 4" hanging basket so the blooms are
visible.  It grows in regular miracle-gro potting soil and seems very happy.
above and right - the bloom is small and most people
don't notice it.  I think it is nice and grow it in a
hanging basket so I can see it..
Photo was taken under flourescent lights during
the TGS plant show,  it took second for  Section E
- Gesneriads grown for ornamental Qualities
other than flowers
Class 39 - Other gesneriad species
Photo above was taken in natural light, you can see that it is quite