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Hello to everyone visting my site, my name is Brad and I really like to grow plants.  I grow wildflowers, bedding plants and my current hobby gesneriads, 90% in the
Sinningia.  I do grow several other species in the gesneriad family including streptocarpus, steptocarpella, diastema, vanhouttea, saintpaulia , achimenes,
seemania, niphea, phinea, kohleria, smithiantha, chirita
and a few other misc. species.        
It is now December18 and I am putting together another greenhouse (9' x 13') to move my plants into, the one I built this spring has to come down.  When they come to
cut some of my trees I am going to put up a 10' x 15' greenhouse, that way I can leave some of plants in the one I am working on now and have plenty of space for
Bradsgarden is my website of the plants that I grow at my house in Smithville, TN.
Bulbs I grow
Above - (901 x 'Ugly Girl') has nice
white blooms with burgundy lines.
Above 3 photos - 712 {(eumorpha x iarae) x [eumorpha x (leucotricha x reitzii)]} this one opened July 31, 2010 and I was shocked at
how pink and intense the colors came through. It has the look of the [eumorpha x (leucotricha x reitzii)] parent, but the iarae cross
intensified the color in the throat. If it holds up well I may name this one.
Above - Mauro Peixoto's cross of S.
eumorpha x sp. 'Florianopolis'
Above - 'Seminole' x 'Anthony
Above - Kohleria hirsuta
Above - S. 'Beulah Mae'
Above and below - (S. 'Iris Walker' x 'Cherry Delight')  S. 'Cherry Delight' is Richard Holder's full
calyx double.  Plant is holding up well as of November 28, 2010, have 3 cuttings with roots showing
so hope it will be easily reproduced.  I have decided to name it
Sinningia 'Rebecca Margarita' after a
friend of mine.
Left and right - (S. 'Iris Walker' x 'Cherry Delight')
a single sibling of the above cross, only 4 seedling,
so far 1 double and 1 single.  This is a nice
compact little plant with large blossoms, 2" long
and 1" wide, nice medium orange with dark spot at
center of throat and white throat.  I have decided
to name this one
Sinningia 'Toney Dale'.  I have a
couple of cuttings growing and am hoping to make
more soon.
Above, right, below - Columnea sp.   -  this was given to me by Molly at
the plant in 2009, she had used a branch in a flower arrangement and
thought I might like to have it after the show.  It almost died twice and
broke into several pieces, this spring I put it in a 4 inch basket and hung it in
the roof of the greenhouse.  It grew slowly but surely and about 2 months
ago I saw the blooms forming, it has been blooming for about 2 weeks as
of November 28, and as it is higher than my head in the greenhouse an
amazing display. I have a golden christmas cactus hanging near it, but it is
by far the prettier of the two.
Left and below - Nematanthus sp. - Goldfish plant bought
this at Johnson's greenhouse in Cookeville, TN in a large 10"
pot, full of blooms in early April 2010.  It has bloomed all
summer except for a couple of weeks during the end of July
and early August when it was the hottest.  It is still blooming
as of Nov. 28, maybe 15 or 20 blooms.  I have another plant
I bought also orange but it is an upright and doesn't bloom as
well as this plant.  I have recently purchased
, but it hasn't done well for me as of yet.  I really
like these plants, easy to grow with lots of blooms  and who
doesn't want goldfish in their gardens.
Streptocarpus ('Bristol's Very Best' x  'Midnight Flame') BO-07-06  -
ordered from GHS in Jan. 2009, only seedling to survive.  Really nice
deep red, these are the first blooms, very prolific.
Above - Christmas cactus 'Golden Charm' - I bought this plant at Mary's Greenhouse about 10 years ago, but had forgotten what color
it actually was.  It has set blooms for years and as soon as it comes inside they fall off.  It really likes the greenhouse and has been
blooming since around thanksgiving, the first couple of blooms weren't as nice as the pictures above.  It is in a 4 inch pot sunk in a 10"
basket with an easter cactus on the other side, so I get blooms in the spring and the winter.
Above - Moussonia elegans an interesting plant with a bright seed
for this one from Mauro and it took a year to bloom.  I bought this
set of seeds and some others to try interbreeding the rhizomatous
plants, smithiantha, achimenes, gloxinella, gloxiniopsis, diastema,
niphaea and phinaea. Of course it takes time to get blooming
plants from seed, so hopefully next year (2011) I can get started.