Sinningia 'Iris Walker' IR 06983
This beautiful little plant is a cross of (S. 'Ugly Girl' x S. 'Ozark Pink Sunrise').  S. 'Ozark
Pink Sunrise' was the seed parent. It is slightly larger than the seed parent.
The plant is very vigorous being multicrowned and blooms almost constantly.  The blooms are a
medium pink with white throat, the throat has a little yellow with purple stripes and spots in the
throat. The buds are hairy when they first emerged, much like
S. 'Ugly Girl'.  At one time I had over
30 blooms open on the parent plant and it was about 8 inches across with 4 crowns.
The seed ripened on Oct. 2, 2005, I didn't plant them until Oct. 25, 2005 and sprouted on Nov. 7, 2005.  
I didn't have a lot of hope for them as the seed were shriveled and only one or two looked good. Only
two sprouted with one dying within a couple of week, I didn't get around to replanting the survivor
until April.  Almost as soon as I replanted, it took off and hasn't stopped since, even the tops I
removed have bloomed while in the water.
I received the International Registry number 06983 on November 1st, Hybrid #30 is now officially
known as Sinningia 'Iris Walker'.  It is named after my mother for her 50th wedding anniversary
which takes place December 22, 2006.  Look on my links page for the plant named Hybrid #3
'Herbert Walker', it has received its IR #(06982), too.
@ copyright Brad Walker, Oct. 29,2006
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Update as of December 16, 2007, I have found out that it is
not sterile as I orginally thought.  I tried crossing it all summer to mutiple
plants with it as the seed parent, only one cross set seed and that was with S.
guttata.  It produced only  one plant that is almost ready to bloom at this time.  
It does produce pollen but only sporadically, and in extremely small amounts.
It also placed 2nd in the Sept. 2007 Tennessee Gesneriad Show for New
Gesneriads in the new named hybrid section.