©Brad Walker, September 7, 2014
Above - Kohleria allenii - another one  of Jonathan's exhibit plants.  A very tall, stately plant with
incredible blooms.  He brought some cuttings on the final day of the sale, mine are still in a
humidity dome right now.
Above - Kohleria hirsuta, large plant with bright orange
and yellow blooms.  It blooms freely.
Above - Kohleria 'Heartland's Blackberry Butterfly',
medium plant with dark foliage and incredible dark
burgundy blooms.  It blooms freely.
Above - Kohleria allenii, large upright plant, several feet tall.  The blooms are large and colorful.  Jonathan E. gave
me a cutting of this plant in 2013 at the Tennessee Gesneriad Society show.  I now have three healthy plants.
  Above - Kohleria 'Ampallang' is a
great pink.
Above - Kohleria 'Jester' is a deeper
pink, but the petals aren't as full as
Above & right- Kohleria 'Peridot's Potlatch' is a
compact plant with little orange and yellow flowers.
  Above - Kohleria 'Ruby' has red
flowers with a white throat, good
   Above - Kohleria 'Ingrid' - large,
robust and with incrediblely vivid colors.