Sinningia leucotricha
     I grew these plants from seed I bought from Mauro Peixoto in
Brazil.  I sowed the seeds on Jan. 30, 2005 and had about 70 plants
germinate.  I got several regular leucotrichas, but also several hybrid
ones, including a
(leucotricha x reitzii), (leucotricha x macropoda) and
(leucotricha x piresiana).
S. leucotricha have large silver leaves that vary with how much
hair they have, from felt fabric to hairy.  The blooms are a terminal
cluster, bright orange with tiny spots on the inside, with as many as 35
on some plants.  The
leucotricha are fertile, I have crossed it  to
eumorpha several years and have some interesting hybrids with it.  
They will go dormant in the fall and I put mine under the house till
spring, usually already starting to grow.
A seedling leucotricha, that I took to work, blooming for the first time. It is the
first of the true
leucotricha seedlings I raised to bloom.  It grows on a
windowsill facing east with full exposure until about 1 o'clock and seems to
love it.
Below: This is a close-up of the bloom, it is a soft orange with some burgundy
flecks in the throat, also with a hairy covering on the blooms.
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©Brad Walker, May 26, 2012
Right - One of the truly hairy ones,
completely cover in very thick white
hair, even the blooms are hairy.
Above - Taken in spring 2012, first blooms on 2nd