Ma Bessie IR101137 - (S. eumorpha #2  x [S. leucotricha  x reitzii])
 S. 'Ma Bessie' was the very first hybrid I made, Aug. 8, 2005, planted Sept. 18, 2005 and first
flowered Apr. 23, 2006.  I have called it hybrid1 for years and decided to finally name it after
my grandmother, Bessie (the Ma comes from grandma).  It is a large, upright plant with deep
wine-red blooms with white throat, dark stripes and occasional peloric flowers. It is a sibling to
S. 'Herbert Walker'.  

It won a blue ribbon in Section F- New Gesneriads #42 Hybrids or named cultivars in bloom at
Tennessee Gesneriad Society Show, Sept. 2009.
@ copyright Brad Walker, June 19, 2010