Sinninigia macrophylla
Sinningia macrophylla is an outstanding plant with large green leaves with a deep burgundy right on the tip of the leaves.  It took
mine three years to bloom from seed.  I did cross it to several plants, got seed, but the seeds are sterile apparently.  The blooms
form in the center of the rosette and are small medium purple with white inside.  Very easy growing, planted them in regular
potting soil and water when almost dry.  They grow outside uncovered during the summer, the only real problem tends to be
snails, I use snail bait about once a month and that seems to work.
Here you can see the blooms forming in the center of the rosette and the nice
lavender/purple color.
This photo shows a closeup of the bloom and the white throat with
spotting.  If you are curious about the brown things in the picture, these
plants were under a cedar tree and it was shedding.