©Brad Walker, May 12, 2012
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  Above - Nematanthus 'Great Plains' - a large plant with large
off-white blooms with tiny little red spots on the inside.
 Above - Nematanthus fluminensis - I bought brasiliensis and
corticola, received this instead of corticola.  This is a very
large plant, almost 6 foot across with large pure yellow
flowers.  I am glad they sent the wrong plant, I like this one
much better.
 Above - Nematanthus brasiliensis - It finally bloomed after
almost a year.  Large plant with hanging blooms, yellow with
orange spots and stripes.
 Above - Nematanthus albus - Pam gave these to me last year at the TGS 2011 show, they were cuttings she had
brought.  I have three 6" pots of these.  I didn't realize they were blooming until yesterday, the blooms were on the
wrong side of the pot.  I love the dark foliage these plants have, with red overtones, but the large white blooms with
purple spots on the outside and big yellow spots on the inside are very spectacular.
 I also have seed raised plants, they are still fairly small, but look identical to these.
 Left, above, right - Nematanthus unknown - The true Goldfish
plant, as you can see it looks like a goldfish without its fins.  These
make large beautiful basket that can have hundreds of blooms at
 Nematanthus 'Dibley's Gold' - a variegated goldfish plant with
bright neon orange calyx.  Deep Green leaves with a lighter
green/yellow stripe down the middle, a great grower, but doesn't
bloom as well as the unvariegated.
 I bought these as cuttings in the spring of 2011 and they have
started growing new shoots and reblooming now in May 2012.
 Nematanthus is a large genus of tropical vines, commonly called the "Goldfish Vine" for the orange and yellow flowered  pouched ones
(see below).  I have grown several of the goldfish, but had never seen the larger members of the family until a couple of years ago, they
are quite spectacular.  I now have a couple of the larger ones,
Nematanthus fluminensis is one of my favorites, it is a giant, with flowers
2.5 to 3 inches long, bright yellow and the bloom hangs on a long stem below the leaves.  They are a great group of plants, easy to care
for, root easily and bloom well.
    I grow all of my plants in Miracle-Gro potting soil and keep the
Nematanthus in hanging baskets (going to have to find a bigger one for
fluminensis, it broke the side of its pot).