I bought these two little beauties at the TGS 2009 plant
show.  I had never grown them, but I love the perfect form
they have. I was really surprised when I saw the blooms
forming a month ago.  The one left and underneath is

Petrocosmea flaccida
, it is growing in a 2.5" pot.  It only
had about 8 leaves when I bought it and they were starting
to yellow, but it sprang back.  The blooms are a rich deep
The plant on the left is a young
Petrocosmea rosettifolia.  It is growing
in a 3 oz. solo cup.  It only had about
12 leaves that where already showing
yellow on the outside ring, when I
brought it home and then it started
growing.  I have already removed most
of the original leaves as new ones
grow in.
@copyright Brad Walker December 29, 2009