Primroses -Primula sp.
   I have purchased many Primulas through the years, but only ended up with 5 or 6 that come back.  All of them are at
least 10 years old and I have split the clumps a time or two, they seem to like medium deciduous shade.  They are
growing in clay soil that had been lightly modified with peat and leaves.     
   They start blooming as early as Christmas and bloom lightly through to March, when they are covered in blooms.  I
love the bright colors and ease of growth.  I think everyone should try at least a couple as they are cheap to buy, but if
you take a little time and care placing them, they are a real treasure.
   Only the strawberry colored one is named, it is "April".    The pink one on the bottom is probably a cross of this one
to the white or yellow one.  It was a seedling that appeared in the path next to these three plants about 6 years ago, it
is a reliable bloomer that has gotten bigger each year.
©Brad Walker, January 21, 2013