Sinningia 'Purple Crest x self'
I bought the seed for this plant from the AGGS seed fund,
received and planted it in early Feb. 2005, only the one seed
germinated, but it started growing like mad.  It started blooming
the first week of July, making it the first of my seedlings to
bloom.  It has been blooming for a month straight and still has lots
of blooms coming on.
I had to remove several offshoots the last week of July to keep it
in shape and have one offshoot already rooted and budded with
flowers in two weeks.
I have crossed it to my S. leucotricha #1 and the seed pod is
almost ready to harvest ('Purple Crest x self' is seed parent).  I am
curious to see if the melon color passes to any of the progeny.  
Seed pod ripened and seed was planted on Aug. 19, 2005.
The seed germinated and I have 10 plants growing on right now,
the seem to be taking after leucotricha #1. They are growing very
rapidly, it should be interesting to see what colors come out of the
The picture above is a better representation of the true color, a
medium lavender with a yellow throat and a dark purple patch at
the opening of the throat.
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@copyright Brad Walker Aug. 1, 2005