Sinningia 'Rebecca Margarita' IR101148
Sinningia 'Rebecca Margarita' is my first calyx double, meaning it has two complete sets of petals instead of one.  It
is the result of a cross between one of my hybrids and one of Richard Holders (
S. 'Iris Walker' x S. 'Cherry Delight'),
Richard has been breeding for full doubles, without a split calyx and has done a great job.  
I only had three seedlings survive and only two have bloomed, 'Rebecca Margarita' was the first to bloom and a
complete surprise, the other seedling is a soft orange named 'Toney Dale'.  
'Rebecca Margarita' is named after a dear friend and another
'Asela' was named after her mother, Asela
Castellanos, , who was also a much loved friend.
The color is a soft pink with light purple in the
throat, it is compact, but loose in growth structure.  
Most of the calyx double you see right now are
much larger than this one,  S. 'Cherry Delight' is
about a third larger.  
Here you can see the growth habit and size,
this plant is growing in a 2 and half inch pot
and so far this about the maximum size of the
This is the information from "The Gesneriad Society" international registry:
Sinningia ‘Rebecca Margarita’, 2010, IR101148, Brad Walker, TN. (S. ‘Iris Walker’ x S. ‘Cherry Delight’). Cross made Aug. 8, 2009,
planted Oct. 20, 2009 and first flowered Aug. 27, 2010. Fertile but reproducible only vegetatively. Tuberous, compact growth, loose
habit. Leaves green, 3.5 in. long x 2 in. wide with 1.5 in. petiole, oblong with crenate margin, rounded tip and cordate base. Calyx pink,
1.5 in. long.1 flower per leaf axil. Corolla  pendant, salverform, fully double, 1.5 in. long x 1.25 in. wide, pink with lavender stripes in
@copyright Brad Walker, May 15, 2011