Richard Holder's Hybrids
©Brad Walker, February 5, 2012
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Sinningia 'Dark Beauty' - I bought this plant in 2008 at the
Tennessee Gesneriad Society show.  It has large flowers on a
compact plant.  Richard told me that a lot of his plants are
descendants of S. 'George Sunset' through backbreeding and
crossing of siblings.  I couldn't get it to take pollen (blast within a
day or two), but I did cross it successfully with eumorpha and
one of my 900 series.  The resulting mix was two deep pink and
red and several light lavenders (almost white), only about half
bloomed so waiting to see what the rest will look like.       
Definitely good breeding material.
RH3 - A split calyx that bloomed in January 2011.  It is a compact
plant with a bloom dusky rose with a dark streak down the center,
produce an abundance of pollen, might try to cross it.
RH2 - looks to be from the same line as the above plant, only
single.   I crossed it to
S. douglasii and the seed took, should be
harvesting them anytime.
I think this might be S. 'Playful Porpoise' and not one of his
hybrids, including it here until sure.
S. 'Cherry Delight'  - I bought this in 2008, it is a medium size plant
and has peachy/pink flowers that are full calyx doubles.
 I crossed 'Cherry Delight' to 'Iris Walker' to create
Margarita' and 'Toney Dale'.  'Rebecca Margarita' is a full calyx
double like 'Cherry Delight' only more compact.
Left - another of Richard's full calyx
doubles, no idea if he ever named it.
Sinningia Richard Holder #5