Sinningia richii and richii 'Robson Lopes'
Above - S. richii - the flower is twice as large as the flowers on 'Robson Lopes' , it is stark white with yellow lines in the throat.
Above and below- Sinningia richii 'Robson Lopes' - The yellow flowered form of S. richii.   I crossed this to four of my
S. eumorphas that were in bloom, both  crosses (
eumorpha x richii RL) and the backcross (richii RL x eumorpha).  
Only the (
richii RL x eumorpha) took and only one set then, the others all blasted within a few days. The seedlings though
are definitely crosses as the they have the sticky, sticky leaves of
S. richii. also  the multibranching, but look like S.
.   It is interesting that with S. richii Robson Lopes as the seed parent all of the bloomed plants as of 2011 are
white to purple.
Above - this plant started blooming in late May 2012, it has much  better flowers
than the white or yellow forms I've had bloom so far.  Not sure what the difference
is, seems to be halfway between the two color forms, starts as a soft butter
yellow, then fades to white.  I