Sinningia 'Rio das Pedras'
This little beauty was news to me, I haven't grown any of the sinningias in over ten
years and back then the only species that were micro-minis were S. pusilla, S.
concinna and S. pusilla ' White Sprite'.  I ordered S. 'Rio das Pedras' from Pat's
Pets, but it was going to take all winter and spring to get to me, so I ordered the
seed from Mauro Peixoto in Brazil.  I planted them on Jan. 30, 2005 and they
started blooming on June 20, 2005.
So far I have at least three different bloom color types from the 20 something
plants I have kept. The plant above (all 4 pictures are the same plant) is the only one
with the really dark blue-purple bloom, the color is only on the edge of the petals
forming a white star in the center of the bloom.  I am calling it 'star' for the time
being,  I crossed the pollen from my odd S. leucotricha #1 (from the same seed
source) to it on Saturday, July 23, 2005 and the pod is already swelling, it will be
interesting to see if it takes. (Seed ripened on Aug. 25, 2005 and was planted the
same day, I believe I got about 35 seeds from the pod.  Hopefully will get
germination from at least a couple. First seedling sprouted on Sept. 4, 2005, have
several others swellings to open.)  Moved 32 seedlings over to individual cells, all
are growing quite well, hopefully will bloom before Christmas.

The two pictures below is one of the other bloom types,  I couldn't get them in
good focus and the blue in the throat shows much more prominent to the camera
than to the eye.  The bloom actually looks almost white with just a faint touch of
blue-purple where the blue lines are showing in the picture.  The other bloom I
don't have a picture of yet, it is the reverse of the one below, faint blue on the petal
tips and white in the center.
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@ copyright Brad Walker Aug. 1, 2005