Sinningia other hybrids
©Brad Walker, May 26, 2012
Richard Holder's sinningia hybrids - I believe I met Richard in 2007 at
one of the Tennessee Gesneriad Society meetings.  He was a very
interesting person, very passionate about his plants and his hybrids.

He passed away in 2013 the week before our
Show and his plants
were brought to the sale, I already had two of his
Sinningias 'Cherry
Delight' and 'Dark Beauty' so I bought most of the
Sinningias of his
sinningias.  As they bloom I will post the pictures.
Sinningia (curtiflora X warmingii) X self - one of Mauro Peixoto crosses.
Sinningia 'Powder Puff'
Sinningia (eumorpha x bullata(formerly sp. florianopolis))
Sinningia (eumorpha x maurona )
S. 'Purple Crest' x self
S. eumorpha hybrid  x iarae (one of my favorite for hybridizing
xSinvana 'Mount Magazine' (intergeneric hybrid of Sinningia & Paliavania
xSinvana 'Mount Magazine' (intergeneric hybrid of Sinningia & Paliavania
(S. leucotricha x S. reitzii)  - I call this one 'beauty', but never named it.
S. (eumorpha 'Salto' x piresiana)
Sinningia eumorpha x Vanhouttea lanata
xSinvana 'Charity & Hope'  - An interesting plant that
doesn't bloom very often.  Large blooms that show some
of the S. gerdtiana lineage in the striping.