Sinningia other hybrids
©Brad Walker, May 26, 2012
Richard Holder's sinningia hybrids - I believe I met Richard in 2007 at
interesting person, very passionate about his plants and his hybrids.
He passed away in 2013 the week before our Show and his plants
were brought to the sale, I already had two of his S
inningias 'Cherry
Delight' and 'Dark Beauty' so I bought most of the S
inningias of his
sinningias.  As they bloom I will post the pictures.
Sinningia (curtiflora X warmingii) X self - one of Mauro Peixoto crosses.
Sinningia 'Powder Puff'
Sinningia (eumorpha x bullata(formerly sp. florianopolis))
Sinningia (eumorpha x maurona )
S. 'Purple Crest' x self
S. eumorpha hybrid  x iarae (one of my favorite for hybridizing
xSinvana 'Mount Magazine' (intergeneric hybrid of Sinningia & Paliavania
xSinvana 'Mount Magazine' (intergeneric hybrid of Sinningia & Paliavania
(S. leucotricha x S. reitzii)  - I call this one 'beauty', but never named it.
S. (eumorpha 'Salto' x piresiana)
Sinningia eumorpha x Vanhouttea lanata
xSinvana 'Charity & Hope'  - An interesting plant that
doesn't bloom very often.  Large blooms that show some
of the S. gerdtiana lineage in the striping.