Snowdrops - Galanthus nivalis
Galanthus nivalis or snowdrops - These are great little plants to buy and forget until they start blooming in the early
spring.  They require little care, reproduce well and bloom without fail.The only care I have really gave them is to always
plant on a hillside so the bulbs can drain fast.  If they like their location, they will seed and spread far and wide, it takes a
couple of years to bloom from seed.

I have had the snowdrops since 1984, I ordered 5 little bulbs for $1.99 and they have made several huge colonies (the
original colony covers a whole hillside now at my parents).  I just dig up a few and move them, in a couple of years they
make nice clumps.

All these pictures were taken on February 20-21, we had snow on the last weekend as they were coming up, but they
weren't hurt.
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Copyright Brad Walker March 28,2010