Sinningia 'Toney Dale' IR101149
Sinningia 'Toney Dale' is the result of a cross between one of my
hybrids and one of Richard Holders (
S. 'Iris Walker' x S. 'Cherry
Delight').  My double Sinningia 'Rebecca Margarita' is a sibling.
It is a soft orange to coral, according to the light source. It has
large blooms and is a compact plant.  It should carry the genes
for calyx doubles and will be interesting to see what comes in
future generations with this one.  Where 'Rebecca Margarita' gets
its color from S. 'Iris Walker', the color here is straight from
'Cherry Delight'.
This shot you can see how long the flowers are, it
is growing in a 2 and half inch pot here.
The information from the 'The Gesneriad Society'
International Registry is below:

Sinningia ‘Toney Dale’, 2010, IR101149, Brad
Walker, TN.  (S. ‘Iris Walker’ x S.  ‘Cherry
Delight’). Cross made Aug. 8, 2009, planted Oct.
20, 2009 and first flowered Aug. 27, 2010. Fertile
but reproducible only vegetatively. Compact
tuberous plant. Leaves green, 2 in. long x 1 in.
wide, with 0.75 in. petiole, oblong, with serrate
margin, acute tip and cordate base. Calyx green,
leafy.  Corolla salverform, 1.75 in. long x 1 in.
wide, orange with white throat, some orange
spots at base.
@copyright Brad Walker, May 15, 2011