Trillium luteum - Yellow Trillium
This trillium is one I found by accident as we clearing a small lot for nursery stock.  I thought at first it was a green
trillium cuneatum, until a couple of years later it bloomed again.  It has an unmistakable scent of lemon, no other trillium
I smelled has this scent.  It is a robust grower with heavily mottled leaves. The color of the bloom varies from green to
light green-yellow, but not a true yellow.
Above, left, left corner - this trillium luteum is
a seedling of the one at my house, below.  It
grows in my parents front yard and has
formed a large colony over the years.  It has
a much greener flower than my other plants,
I don't know if the color is caused by the sun,
heat, or dirt.  It does still have the very
distinct scent of lemons.
This patch of plants grows in a bed in my front yard.  It has formed a decent
colony after about 9 years or so. As you can see it gets more yellow as it ages.